Continued charity during difficult times

Continued charity during difficult times
15th August 2020 Steve Tosh

Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth

It has been a significant challenge for most charities in 2020 due to the global impact of coronavirus and the difficulty for charities to provide normal support or service. The Institute of Fundraising in a recent survey confirmed that some charities were expecting a reduction of 24% to their total income for the year, which would mean a £12.4bn loss of income if the average was applied to the sector as a whole.

Although the Smile of Arran has been unable to have its annual pilgrimage to the Isle of Arran and the Smile Festival was cancelled, fundraising and charity donations has continued to pour in from different sources throughout the UK that has included birthday donations, remembrance donations, donating from eBay purchases and PayPal and donations from business and membership fundraising.

This continued support for the charity has meant through this difficult period, we have been able to continue providing Arran Grants through CLIC Sargent to families with children affected by a brain tumour and continue to support music therapy through Addenbrookes Charitable Trust and Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity.

Thanks again to everyone that continues to support the charity, you continue to make a significant impact to peoples lives and spreading the word about the work that we do.