A wonderful gift from Bernard Leppard

A wonderful gift from Bernard Leppard
28th April 2020 Steve Tosh

The Smile of Arran would like to thank Pam and Peter Kinsey including all the family and friends of the late Bernard Leppard, who passed away on the 5th of February.

Pam and Peter felt Bernard would have wanted donations made in his memory to be donated to Arran’s charity.

It was the Smile of Arran’s pleasure through Arran’s mum Alison to know Bernard Leppard, they met at the nursing home he resided at as Alison was one of the staff members who cared for him. They shared fond memories of loved ones including memories of Arran, Bernard often said that Arran sounded like a ‘gentle soul’.

Alison said ‘it was a privilege to have known Bernard and to be with him during his last few days, he was so concerned for us rather than himself. Bernard’s niece Pam and her husband Peter visited Bernard regularly and Alison got to know them well’. When they approached Alison they confirmed that they’d like donations to be made to the Smile of Arran Trust rather than flowers because it would have been what Bernard would have wanted, to help others. The family were overwhelmed at the kind generosity at what was a difficult time for them

Donations came from as far as America where some of Bernard’s family live. The Smile of Arran Trust are humbled and delighted to confirm that the charity received an incredible £2,020.50. The monies will go towards grants that assist families with children affected by a brain tumour.