The Creative Whisky Company charity bottles

The Creative Whisky Company charity bottles
14th June 2018 Steve Tosh

The Smile of Arran Trust would like to give a huge thank you to David Stirk and the Creative Whisky Co ltd for their continued support to the charity.

In his most recent fundraising, with the support of Arran Distillers he acquired a barrel of their whisky and after having bottled and sold over 300 bottles raised an incredible £7,000.

In addition to the Arran Distillers, the Creative Whiskey Co Ltd and the Smile of Arran would also like to thank their partners that includes Whisky Import Nederland, Svenska Eldvatten and Richard Liao from the Hot Malt Co Ltd.

Part of the fundraising will go towards the Smile of Arran grant to the Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity for their on-going support to children with brain tumours or brain injury.