Delighted to have the Proclaimers as Patrons

Delighted to have the Proclaimers as Patrons
26th June 2017 Steve Tosh

The journey for the Smile of Arran Trust and the response from the public has been an incredible one.

Arran had a great love of music that included the joy of listening to and singing Proclaimers songs. These songs and Arran’s version of them, have such great memories for the family and his friends.

From a chance contact from a charity supporter to the Proclaimers, an invite was extended to the charity to see a local concert.

A meeting back stage with the Proclaimers has developed into a great friendship and in 2016 they agreed to be the charity Patrons.

The Smile of Arran Trust is honoured at having the Proclaimers as Patrons, for being kind and big hearted human beings and we thank them for everything that they have done for the charity.