Smile of Arran Corporate Partners

Smile of Arran Corporate Partners
24th June 2017 Steve Tosh

As the charity grows from strength to strength, this success couldn’t have been achieved without the incredible support from our corporate partners.

This support has come in many forms, that include the provision of venues and support for our events, provision of services including photography, accommodation, professional advice, printing services, selling of charity goods and the continued fundraising for the charity.

A simple thank you doesn’t seem enough from these incredible individuals and we look forward to these future partnerships.

With the increase in number of charity events, that includes the Isle of Arran walk, Smile of Arran Charity Ball and this years first Smile Festival, we continue to look for Corporate Partners to enhance awareness of our charity.

These partnerships not only ensure that the organisation of these events are successful for everyone involved but also sets a foundation and spring board for the success of future events.

If you would like to consider being a corporate partner for the Smile of Arran Trust, you can contact us through our website.