London International Choir concert for the Smile of Arran

London International Choir concert for the Smile of Arran
20th May 2016 Steve Tosh

Founded in January 2014 by Lara Schadt and Benjamin Froehlich, The London International Choir is a mixed a cappella choir. The mission is to bring people together from all nationalities with a passion for singing and learning new music. Their uniqueness lies in the international make up of the choir and the range of music that they sing – from Classics to Jazz, from Pop to World Music.  

Adriana Bodnarova, Chair of London International Choir said ‘we’re holding two Summer concerts in June to support The Smile of Arran with the voluntary donations to our concerts. The overarching theme of our concert is ‘London calling’ – we will be taking a speedy tour of some of our favourite sights in London–from Shakespeare’s Globe to Mayfair, from Elizabeth Tower to St. Paul’s Cathedral, we’ll take the Tube, cross the river a few times (or more), endure a few typical London summer showers, and sing some of our favourite songs in the process.

Reflecting our membership and London’s internationality, we will explore many languages as we go, singing in German, Hungarian, Icelandic, French, and a form of ancient Spanish.

Especially in cities like London it feels important to support and spread the word about charities that are sometimes overlooked and cast in shadow by the big ones and I believe our concert will be a nice occasion to tell the world about the wonderful work you are doing. And it is also on more personal level as it’s very important to Paul Devlin our MD and thus to the Choir too.  We would like to contribute with what little we can to support children like Arran and families like yours in your daily battles.’