Blackwater Lodge support to the Smile of Arran

Blackwater Lodge support to the Smile of Arran
12th May 2016 Steve Tosh

Once again the Smile of Arran Trust would like to thank the Freemasons for their ongoing support to to our charity.

On this occasion we would like to give a special thanks to the Blackwater Lodge in Colchester and today David Rout and Vic Hodson presented a cheque for £250 to Jo Snell a trustee with the charity and also members of the Friends of Arran Fundraising committee.

Vic said that Rosie, Vic’s Granddaughter told him about Arran and he was inspired by Arran’s story. He outlined Arran’s story and what the charity is currently doing to the Lodge members and they voted in favour, kindly donating £250.

The Smile of Arran is delighted to be acknowledged by the Freemasons as a charity to be given their financial support.