The Smileofarran support to Addenbrookes

The Smileofarran support to Addenbrookes
14th April 2016 Steve Tosh

The Smileofarran visited Addenbrookes, to present the wards Arran was on with your donations of £4.500. Some of these funds have been able to provide the children’s ward with a WiFi Duke Box which has been bought in Arran’s memory.

This state of the art Duke box enables kids to download any songs which they like. It has been a great success in aiding the kids recovery whilst staying in hospital.

The children’s ICU has purchased chairs for the parents which can be turned into beds. This enables the parent’s to be with their children at all times, whilst they are in hospital.

Michelle Gray, Head of Community Fundraising at ACT said, “We would like to thank everyone associated with The Smile of Arran for their kindness and generosity. The money raised will make a real difference to young patients at Addenbrookes both now and in the future”.

This money could not have been given without YOUR contributions & Fundraising you all do for Arran’s charity. Once again Thank you for your continued support. God bless