Locals complete their fundraising challenges in style

Locals complete their fundraising challenges in style
4th August 2015 Steve Tosh

An extraordinary weekend of challenges was held at the Waggon and Horses in Great Yeldham.

The ‘Cage Off’ event was set up as a prisoner of war camp, crossed with I’m a celebrity tasks.

The competing prisoners were put through numerous challenges that included eating some disgusting insects and animal parts and the team building of a ‘bridge over the river Colne’.

Some said that the guards were a bit over enthusiastic, keeping the prisoners up all night with hourly water pistol soaking and marching the prisoners up and down the pub car park.

The weekend finished off with a sun soaked barbeque and a prisoner karaoke to conclude the weekends events.

Once again, the local community came out to support and join in the fun of an exceptionally creative event organised by the regulars of the Waggon and Horses.

Although exhausted, the regulars are already looking for ideas at how they can beat this year’s event.