Kim takes to the skies

Kim takes to the skies
2nd August 2015 Steve Tosh

A wonderful day was had by all as they watched Kim Heather taking the climb into her wing walk.

Watched on by family and friends, Kim took to the skies with ease, enjoying the exhilarating twists and turns in the skies above Upminster.

Whilst travelling around the skies at 100mph, Kim continually gave her Super woman impressions on top of the aircraft to great roars of laughter on the ground.

Kim has been fundraising for this event for 5 months and has raised over £1,000. Gary Heather was heard to say that he would have loved to have joined Kim on the aircraft if it wasn’t for his bad neck.

Her family and the charity are very proud of her achievements and her continued support to the Smile of Arran.